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NaNo Day [#3]; Untitled Ishihime Thing

NaNo Day: 3, I suppose
Title: Untitled Ishihime Thing
Word Count of Selection: 1019
Current Total Word Count: 1019/ 50,000
Why are you posting this for us? Because it's what I have so far, and people [Jessie] were poking me.
Notes: I have no idea.


Once upon a time, a princess was locked in a tall tower by an evil sorcerer.

Inoue Orihime sat up against the door of her prison and closed her eyes, feeling for the reiatsu of her friends. Two were growing dimmer and dimmer, and the other three were flickering a bit. Everyone was hurt. She banged at the door again and begged to be let out, fully conscious of the irony of the fact that she was the reason that they were dying, and that she’d come here in the first place to save them. Agreeing to come seemed to foolish now, but what other choice had she had? People weren’t supposed to answer a sacrifice with one of their own. Banging again at the door, she felt another clash of reiatsu and paused to wait out the battle, praying that they would live.


Ishida Uryuu hadn’t made the decision to come to Hueco Mundo lightly. He’d had to think long and hard about it, not only because it was a dangerous, and possibly suicidal, mission, but because his father’s terms, to which he had agreed, stated very specifically that he was not to associate with shinigami anymore. If that had been the only factor, if the person who had been captured had been anyone else, it would have been so easy to say no, and adhere to his father’s deal, but this was Inoue-san…he couldn’t just sit back and let her fall into the clutches of the enemy. So he found his loophole, and accompanied a shinigami into enemy territory to save a kidnapped princess.


Once upon a time, a princess loved a death god.

Orihime had always loved fairy tales, and when things got really rough, especially in those first few years after Sora died, she’d imagine that she was Cinderella while she washed the floors, or that there were seven dwarves looking after her while she slept. As she grew older she imagined less and less, but still, in the back of her mind, she longed for a fairy tale romance. And, of course, she’d already picked out her prince.

Ichigo made the perfect candidate, even before he saved Orihime’s life for the first time. He was handsome and kind, and was one of those people that you just knew was good. Orihime watched him from afar for a long time, forcing Tatsuki to tell her everything she knew about him, and filed away facts and stories, loving him more and more with every story, even the ones where he was less than princely – because every prince has a few flaws, right? Orihime thought it was incredibly romantic to love someone in spite of their flaws.

And she was the perfect candidate for the princess, wasn’t she? Her name even meant “princess,” and on winter nights when the air was particularly cold and she shivered beneath thin blankets in an unheated apartment she dreamed that Ichigo would one day come and take her away from there to somewhere warm, and he’d gather her up in his arms and…well it was all incredibly romantic, and the more she thought of it the heavier her heart felt. Just seeing him in school was enough to set her heart aflutter, and if he would talk to her she would almost feel faint, although she didn’t want to be that weak sort of princess that was falling all over the place all the time. She was definitely the princess of her fairy tale, but she figured that hers would be a more modern story, and she would be helpful at least occasionally. That was a more respectable fantasy, she thought.

After he saved her life for the first time, she fell for him even harder. It was like something directly out of a storybook. The knight in shining armor came bursting in at the last moment with his (very impressive) sword, and saved the princess from her evil brother…who, admittedly wasn’t really evil, and who Orihime was actually quite glad she’d gotten to see one last time, to apologize and to say goodbye, but even that seemed like something that belonged in a fairy tale rather than real life. Everything about the fact that Ichigo was a shinigami fed into Orihime’s overactive imagination, and soon she had put Ichigo on such a high pedestal that she wasn’t quite sure she could even see him anymore.

And then there was Rukia. Orihime got along with her right away, and the tiny shinigami girl clearly wasn’t a threat, as she didn’t act like a princess at all. She was strong and capable and didn’t need to be saved, and even though she was from a noble family, she definitely couldn’t fill the role of princess to Ichigo’s obvious role as prince. That was, until Rukia became a damsel in distress, and it was clear that Ichigo was stepping up to be her night in shining armor.

Orihime decided that princes have to save more than one princess sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t end up with a different one. And after all, he’d saved her first, so technically she was the one for him, right? Unless something had happened before the incident with her brother that she didn’t know about, but that was highly unlikely, and she was certain that she had dibs. Dibs aren’t romantic, but sometimes two princesses have to fight over the same prince. Which is actually a good plot device, Orihime has decided. This is a bump in the road to overcome, which there has to be in a fairy tale in order for it to be really good, so all is well.

So Orihime trained with her newfound powers (a gift from Ichigo, which is clearly a Sign, whether it was intentional or not. Well…it was definitely unintentional, but it’s definitely more romantic to say that the powers were a gift rather than an anomaly caused by Ichigo’s inability to control his reiatsu) and accompanied Ichigo and the others – strong and silent Sado-kun, and smart and also relatively silent Ishida-kun – to Soul Society.